About Us

About Us

Welcome to our Company and to LPG

Flogas Britain developed as a national supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) through a series of acquisitions starting with the purchase of Portagas in 1984, followed by Alta Gas in 2001 and British Gas LPG in 2002. Flogas Britain is part of the Flogas Group, which was formed in 2012 to unite the five Flogas subsidiaries – Flogas Britain, Flogas Ireland and Flogas NI, Flogas Sweden, Flogas Norway and Benegas (Belgium and Netherlands).

The Flogas Group is owned by DCC, the Euro 12.9bn support services group listed on the London Stock Exchange.  DCC operates across five divisions - DCC Sercom (IT and entertainment products), DCC Healthcare, DCC Food and Beverage, DCC Environmental, and DCC Energy. See DCC's web site for more information.

DCC also own a number of other energy companies such as the nationwide oil distributor Certas Energy. To find out more about Certas Energy please contact them on 0800 0854 818 or

Flogas and LPG

Flogas supplies LPG to a wide range of customers across Britain. This ranges from private house-holders, pubs and hotels, to industrial and distribution businesses, caravan parks, poultry and arable farmers and petrol stations.

Customers use LPG for heating and cooking, industrial processes, and even as a fuel for cars, lorries and fork lift trucks. Supply comes from either bulk tanks installed on customer premises, or from a range of gas cylinders.

LPG is sourced from all of the major UK oil refineries and delivered to bulk customers by a fleet of 90 tankers based in Flogas’ network of 32 terminals across Britain. Gas cylinders are filled at each terminal and delivered by truck to customers, or via one of their 20 cylinder depots.

Flogas for the Future

Our future depends entirely on our ability to serve our customers. Service is at the heart of our strategy:

Customer Service

We have a dedicated team of advisers that can be reached again by calling 0800 574 574 and choosing option 1 for cylinder enquiries and option 2 for bulk tank supply. You can now also manage your account on-line - checking statements, re-ordering gas, and even setting up electronic billing.


Security of energy supply is critical to our customers, and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent delivery service in all weather conditions through our fleet of over 250 vehicles.

We take this further by providing customers with a Top Up service whereby we estimate gas usage and fill your tanks without a need for placing orders. This reduces the risk of gas running out - critical for many homes and businesses.

Safety is an essential part of this. We operate a rigorous Safety policy and conduct regular technical inspections of customer facilities following industry standards as specified by UKLPG - the LPG trade association. This is supported by our 24 hour Emergency Team who can reach any customer in the UK in short order.

Protecting our Environment

As an energy company, Flogas' care for the environment is a key responsibility and one which we take very seriously. In recognition, we have been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard. Not only does this recognise our progress to date, but commits us to an agreed programme of further carbon reductions.

As a supplier of energy, we also have a responsibility to our customers. Recent studies have shown that LPG has lower carbon emissions than all other fossil fuels available off the mains gas grid, and is cleaner burning with very low soot and sulphur emissions. It can also act as an effective standby for renewable energy systems such as solar and wind.

As customers consider their energy choices, Flogas will increasingly provide advice on the merits of LPG compared to other fuels, and work actively with boiler manufacturers and installers to facilitate your move to LPG. Please contact us for more information.

Lastly, any feedback on Flogas as an existing or potential customer is always welcome, and will help us improve our service. Please see our contact us page.

Lee Gannon
Managing Director