Reliable, efficient and cost-effective gas for catering

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LPG for Mobile Catering and Hospitality

Whatever your business (big, small or brand new), and whatever your current fuel (from oil to coal or wood), we have a reliable energy solution to meet your needs: including bulk LPG, LNG and a full range of compact cylinders.

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LPG for heating

Flogas LPG provides reliable, commercial heating and instant, high-volume hot water for hospitality businesses.

With an optional automated delivery service, you’d never know you weren’t on the mains.

LPG for catering

Cooking with LPG is just like cooking on mains gas – with a controllable, easy-lighting flame for catering use in restaurants, pubs and bars.

LPG for mobile catering

LPG’s perfect for cooking on the move. Portable, reliable and available nationwide, we have a range of LPG cylinders designed for mobile catering. We also offer easy online and phone ordering for when you’re on the road.

Lords of the Manor

Flogas were invited to investigate an energy-saving solution, and proposed designing a new LPG storage system to replace the existing oil arrangement.

This would be able to serve the heating and hot water needs of the hotel, along with the needs of the kitchen.

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Bulk LPG supply or gas cylinders?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and you could even benefit from a mixture of both – our experts will let you know.

Bulk tanks are popular for high-usage applications. Ours can come fitted with telemetry units with remote monitoring, for automatic top-up when you’re running low. 

Our extensive cylinders range is designed to meet lower-volume needs, and is great when space is at a premium or when you’re on the go.

Additional uses of LPG for hospitality

Bulk LPG or LPG cylinders are the ideal off-grid back-up fuel.

They can be specified in conjunction with renewable energy sources to ensure uninterrupted supply. No electricity, no generators, and no power cuts. They also offer low maintenance costs and increased fuel efficiencies.

For large hotels and other leisure facilities, LPG is ideal for heating swimming pools, spas and showers or powering golf buggies and laundry. In pubs and other hospitality spaces with outdoor areas or terraces, it’s also used to fire up BBQs or patio heaters.

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Carden Park

In a move to enhance efficiencies, Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire has switched its entire energy supply from oil to Flogas LPG.

By replacing oil with gas, our customers have cut their carbon emissions by up to 23%.

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