Gas bottle regulators

Our guide to buying cylinder regulators is here to help

How to choose a gas regulator

Check the appliance itself (or the original paperwork) for guidance. There should be a data plate outlining the required gas throughput and inlet pressure.

Check the type of gas you’re using. Propane regulator cylinder connections are different from butane regulator cylinder connections, so they’re not interchangeable. Shop by type here.

  • Make sure the regulator matches the working pressure of the appliance. There are specialist regulators for low-pressure (i.e. below 150 mbar) and high-pressure use.
  • Never run a low-pressure appliance on a variable, high-pressure regulator.
  • Generally, only 20mm regulators should be used with blue cylinders. Only 21mm regulators should be used with gold cylinders.

Please note, all regulators and hoses should comply with the relevant British and European standards. For more help on buying gas bottle regulators, see our shop by application guide below...

How to use a gas regulator

Connect gas bottle regulators with ease with our step-by-step fitting guide.

1 Ensure the hose is the right size to fit the regulator nozzle.
2 Apply a light coat of washing up liquid to the regulator nozzle.
3 Push the hose firmly over the complete nozzle and tighten the Worm screw clip (or crimp the O-clip).
4 Apply a light coat of washing up liquid to the nozzle of the appliance.
5 Push the hose firmly over the complete application nozzle and tighten the Worm screw clip (or crimp the O-clip).
6 Fit the regulator to the cylinder valve. For propane screw thread connections, ensure the mating threads are clean and undamaged and that the connection is firmly tightened (nipped) with a spanner. Clip-on propane and butane regulators should be pressed firmly onto the valve so that it locks into position.
7 Switch on the gas supply. Apply soapy water to the joints.
8 If bubbles appear on any of the joints, check the following: the propane screw thread connection may need tightening further or, if threads are damaged, replace the regulator; the Worm screw clip may not be tight enough (you’ll need to tighten it again), or the connection isn’t properly made (just remove the connection and refit).
9 Please note: all LPG appliances should be serviced regularly by a registered gas installer.

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