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Are you still using oil to heat your home?

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Is your oil boiler broken or are you looking to replace your old, inefficient oil boiler? Then take a look at the environmental and cost savings that LPG can offer.

If you’re one of the 2 million homes in the UK not connected to the gas grid, you may think your choice of fuel for heating and cooking is limited to traditional fuels like oil and coal.

With various government initiatives targeting the carbon output of fuels used to heat our homes, now’s a better time than ever to consider moving to a low carbon alternative.

Why should I switch to LPG from oil?

  1. Increased fuel efficiency
  2. Enjoy instant heat and hot water
  3. Price security - know what your LPG price will be every time you order. With oil there's no fixed prices and no monthly direct debits - making budgetting difficult.
  4. Cook on a controllable gas flame
  5. No risk of theft - unlike oil LPG cannot be stolen
  6. Underground tanks - out of sight, out of mind
  7. Lower carbon output - LPG emits 15% less carbon than kerosene
  8. Cleaner fuel - there's no dirty oil spills with LPG, and if your oil tank isn't bunded you won't be covered for spills on your home insurance
  9. With LPG you can let fancy telemetry systems keep an eye on your fuel levels and do all your ordering for you
  10. New LPG boilers can be installed in loft spaces to free up space within the house

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Switching from oil, the facts

Advice from the UK Government is fast making traditional fuels like coal and oil a thing of the past.

Over the coming years LPG will become one of the most affordable options for off-grid homes.

So if you’re using oil as your main source of heating or power, you should consider future proofing and making the switch to LPG, and Flogas can help you every step of the way. 

  • An LPG fired central heating system will heat your home economically and efficiently and heat your hot water too
  • LPG emits less greenhouse gas and produces significantly fewer particulates, NOX and sulphur, resulting in virtually no soot being formed
  • An LPG central heating system is just like being on mains gas, giving you quick and responsive heat throughout your home
  • Your LPG heating system will provide you with hot water quickly and easily

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Additional benefits of LPG:

  • LPG can be fitted into an existing oil-run central heating system, often with a few adjustments needing to be made
  • Even though you're not on gas mains you can be cooking with gas and enjoying a real-flame fire, without the environmental problems of coal and logs
  • PG can be used alongside renewable technologies, reducing running costs even further
  • You do not buy the tank - you can choose from above or underground tanks and Flogas install it, maintain it and remain responsible for it's safe operation
  • State-of-the-art telemetry keeps us informed of your usage, so you can choose to be on our Top Up programme, so we'll deliver you gas when and where you need it - without the need to check your own gauge or pick up the phone to order

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