Flogas History

Flogas History

After spotting a gap in the UK industry, Flogas entered the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market in 1984 with the acquisition of Portagas. From humble beginnings, further acquisitions followed, with Alta Gas in 2001 and significantly British Gas LPG in 2002. Flogas today stands at the forefront of the LPG industry in the UK, with a vision and an attitude that continues to see us grow. In an industry that has traditionally been dominated by one player, our aim has been to provide a breath of fresh air to our customers and offer a valid alternative. We have no intention of stopping there though; we may not be the biggest, but we pride ourselves on being the best.

Flogas for the future

With a commitment and drive that we believe to be unsurpassed in the industry, our aim is to continue to outshine the opposition with a service offering that is not only first rate, but also innovative and forward thinking. Once we’ve won your business, we won’t rest on our laurels; we’re always looking at ways to improve our service and save you money. This attitude has seen us take a forward looking approach to the alternative energy market and we can offer a complete approach to Energy Services in today’s carbon aware society.

The bigger picture

We’re a big company in our own right, with a UK market share second only to one company, but it doesn’t end there. We are backed by someone even bigger, Irish company DCC plc. If you don’t know much about them, you might be surprised how big they are. They’re listed on the London stock exchange and have an annual turnover of €8bn. They operate over five divisions - DCC Sercom (IT and entertainment products), DCC Healthcare, DCC Food and Beverage, DCC Environmental, and DCC Energy - and boast some of the biggest names in their fields.

Flogas people

It’s important to know who you’re working with, but in our eyes that means more than just finding out about our corporate structure and history; it means finding out about the kind of people that work for us and how we go about our business. We see ourselves as different, priding ourselves on talking in a more caring, down to earth manner. We do business this way because we think it gives us the best chance of developing lasting relationships with our customers. We’re a people business, not a giant faceless organisation. Yet, we’re not small – anything but. As we’ve already said, Flogas is the second biggest name in the UK.

We have no problem in selling our products and services, but we try not to shout about our achievements too much; we’re more concerned about what we can do for our customers. Our staff are always there to help, proving as reliable as the LPG fuel itself.